This Floating World

You have a sickness inside you.




A woman of privilege and wealth takes a wrong turn, and finds herself taking a very long trip home. On the borders of suburbia and the wilderness, on the margins on the fortunate and the unfortunate, she finds herself tormented by the present and her own past, which has started to slip from her. 


Cast Breakdown


  • Liv -- 40-45. A wealthy woman.

  • Miguel -- 35-40. An out-of-work auto plant worker.

  • Exaltacion -- 70s. Miguel's mother. A curandera.

  • Chico -- Miquel's border collie.    
    (Note: the actor playing Chico also plays the other male roles: Handsome Loan Officer and Young Executive)

  • Katherine-- Liv's overworked assistant
    (Note: the actor playing Katherine plays all other female roles: Goth/Emo girl, Hipster, the Little Mother, the other mother) 


production history

September 2012   Reading, Inkwell Theater, Kennedy Center, Page to Stage Festival. Director: Jess Jung
January 2011       Company of Angels, Playwrights Intensive
January 2011       Reading, Mad Scene Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.
(Semi-Finalist for Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, Summer 2011)