I know what it’s like, to live with difficult men.

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After Grandpa Gunnar's funeral, Carl is convinced that there's an inheritance hidden in the boxes and detritus in Gunnar's house. To Gunnar's daughter, Nan, there's nothing of value in the house -- nothing of value in Gunnar's legacy, nothing to inherit but grief and sorrow. As they sort through the house, Carl learns how true that is.

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Carl Sorenson     28. Out-of-work taconite miner.

Nan Sorenson    50. Fully employed nurse. Carl's aunt and adoptive parent.

Sam Sorenson    18. Nan's daughter. Mixed race. About to go off to college.

Jamie Sherwood    26. Carl's fiancée. Vet tech, with aspirations to be a veterinarian.     

The actor playing Jamie also plays:     Marina Gustafson  - the ghost of Carl and Sam's great-great-great grandmother.


production history 

September 2016   Moving Arts, MADLab Series, Director: Beth Lopes