The Frequency of Stars and Other Matter

It seemed to me that more could be known. More could be predicted.
That there could be more certainty. Do you see?



While in custody for statutory rape, Benny was seriously wounded by the Sheriff's deputies. Now - free on a plea agreement, with a monetary settlement, Benny moves to Hemet, where at least he can look at the stars. 

Still, he's got tons of baggage, such as his resentment toward his brother, who didn't bail him out of jail. Benny is looking for his place in the world - and in his need to know his fate, he unintentionally revives the ghost of Tycho Brahe , who seems just as perplexed by the universe as Benny.




  • Benny Gutierrez     25. A young man who got his high school diploma, and then preceded to make a series of dumb mistakes, one of which landed him in big trouble. 
  • A.J. Zamora    16. Latch-key kid next door to Benny whose family has hit hard times.
  • Raylene Harms    Early 40s. Supervisor at the door factory where Benny works. Divorced. Just diagnosed with breast cancer, which she's afraid to treat.
  • Tycho Brahe    50. 16th-century Danish astronomer.    
  • Luis Gutierrez    Mid-30s. Benny's brother. High school teacher.
  • Chorus    Plays the parts of  Attorney, Plant Manager, Diego and Vergil 

production history

July 2013            Road Theater, Summer Reading Series. Director: Suzanne Hunt
February 2011     Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble, Café con Drama Reading
May 2010           Great Plains Theater Conference, Play Lab Reading
May 2009           Reading, NOTEWorthy Reading Series, Theatre of NOTE, Los Angeles, Director: Beth Gardiner
(Semi-Finalist for Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, Summer 2010; Semi-Finalist for Play Penn play conference)