AGE OF BEES now available from Original Works Publishing

I'm thrilled to have this play available through Original Works Publishing! 

You can get your copy through the OWP website:

Or at Amazon!

Synopsis: The bees have gone, disease and scarcity are rampant, but Mel, a young pollinator, finds refuge on an isolated farm. This place is fertile and safe, and Mel counts herself lucky to have a place where – even if it is not exactly happy – she has a purpose. When that purpose and safety are threatened, Mel faces an awful choice: will she risk leaving this relative safety, or will she hide from greater dangers, even if it means giving up some chance that something good can grow in this ruined world? 

“a poetic new play that finds rays of hope amid manifold fears.” - The Columbus Dispatch 

“Palmquist takes a dark look into the future with this environmentally conscious, sweetly romantic play. These themes resonate deeply throughout and feel fully realized and genuinely formed.” - KDHX, St. Louis