Lost Nation

Be careful what you start digging up.

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Even while America is growing and changing, there's a part of America that is dying, disappearing: rural America and its small towns are like a separate nation, under siege, in danger of being lost. In LOST NATION, we see the town of Enterprise, Minnesota, a town witnessing the beginning of the end, or so it seems. At this critical time, home-town hero Evan Drake returns from Iraq, and he himself is a ghost of his former self. Evan's arrival in town coincides with the construction of a new "big box" store, and the groundbreaking uncovers bones of previous generations.
In the course of the action, the characters in the play not only discover what's under the surface, or what's in the past, but some must question to whom and where they belong. As Evan comes to grips with what haunts him from the war, as he tries to recover from his own wounds, he finds himself being pulled into the battle for this town, for its people, for the land itself. Evan must decide what he's willing to fight for, must decide where he belongs, just when he thought he had no fight left in him.



3w/4m (with doubling)

  • Hokah Bassett     18. Son of an immigrant woman and Ojibwe man. Trapped between the living and the dead.
  • Cecelia Warner     Mid-30s. PriceWay corporation VP of new store development. 
  • Niki Henderson     20-25. Cecelia's overworked assistant. 
  • Evan Drake    25-30. Adopted son of a farm family in Southern Minnesota. The actor playing Evan should not be white. Evan went into the military right out of high school, and has been honorably discharged from the Army after losing his leg in Baghdad.
  • Ruth Lindstrom    50s, small town housewife
  • Audrey Kirkedahl    Late-60s, retired school teacher
  • Mike Granlund    25-30. Out of work mechanic, struggling to make a life for he and his wife.
  • Cheryl Osterholm    25-30. Wife of Army PFC, killed in Iraq.
  • Anita Granlund    25-30. Hard working RN at a local hospital.
  • Pastor Dave Youngner    40s. Local Lutheran pastor. A good man, struggling to keep the ship afloat.
  • Nancy Drake    50s. Evan's mom. Local Lutheran church secretary.
  • Lucinda (Lu) Johnson    50s. Widow, farmer.
  • James Johnson    35-40. Lu's son, Antiques dealer living in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Denny Brooks    35-40. James' partner.
  • Sandy Neubauer    30s. State archeologist.

production history

April 2009          Staged Reading, Interactivity ’09, Interact Theatre Co. Los Angeles, Director: Katherine James
June 2008           Staged Reading, City Attic Theatre, CAT Tales Festival of New Plays, Director: Michael Flanagan
June 2007           Staged Reading, Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum “Seedlings” Series, Director: Katherine James
January 2007       Staged Reading, Moving Arts, Los Angeles, CA. Director: Katherine Murphy